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Warming Feet

Comprehensive HVAC Solutions for Your Comfort

Services for Every Need, Ensuring Efficient, Reliable Heating and Cooling

Weather in Humboldt and Trinity Counties can be extreme. When your Heating and AC systems are working perfectly it can be easy to take them for granted. 

What if trouble starts and they aren’t working properly?  What if the A/C starts blowing warm air or the Heater breaks down completely? Don’t suffer through cold winter nights or hot summer days!

We are proud to use trusted brands like Bryant, Daikin, Carrier, Fisitju, Williams, and Ruud, known for their reliability and affordability. Trust us to provide you with HVAC solutions that bring comfort and efficiency.

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When you work with Six Rivers Mechanical, you can rest assured your HVAC systems work properly year-round, with our Service Plan Guarantee:

  1. We promise to help you make small repairs in a timely manner, saving you big money in the long run.

  2. We promise to be proactive about addressing potential issues before breakdowns occur.

  3. We promise to uphold warranties for additional savings.

Light Commercial

Supporting your business with specialized light commercial HVAC services:

  • Telecommunication – Reliable HVAC solutions for communication facilities.

  • Utilities – Tailored services ensuring continuous operation.

  • EMS systems – Advanced HVAC care for essential services.

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Residential Services

Experience year-round comfort with our residential HVAC services. We offer:

  • Service and installation of gas heaters – keeping your home warm during the cold Humboldt winters.

  • Electric heat/cooling systems – ensuring efficient temperature control all year.

  • Ducting installation and repair – for optimal air quality and circulation in your home.

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