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About Six Rivers Mechanical

Your Comfort is Our Craftsmanship

Throughout Humboldt County, we experience a range of weather—from cold and damp winters on the coast to scorching summer days inland. Without reliable heating and cooling, the security and comfort of the home are at risk. At Six Rivers Mechanical, we are committed to offering HVAC solutions to ensure the year-round comfort of your home or business.

Our Team


Owner, Contractor 

Jeff is a licensed HVAC contractor with 15 + years of experience in the HVAC space, he serves as the technical advisor, lead estimator, and trainer for Six Rivers Mechanical.


Lead Technician 

Bryce has 6 + years of experience in the HVAC space, he heads up our installations for new heating and cooling systems working to make sure that your new system works well and is completed with attention to detail.


HVAC Apprentice 

Tyler has 2 + years of experience in the HVAC space and is training to become a service technician performing diagnostic service calls for heating and cooling systems that require repair.


HVAC Trainee 

Riley has 2 + years in the HVAC space, he assists with the installation of new heating and cooling systems and serves as our sheet metal fabricator.



Brooke serves as the front line of our business, she fields general questions and plays a pivotal role in making sure that our jobs are scheduled and carried out on time.


Business Manager 

Chloe Serves to support our business from compliance to financial and marketing needs.

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Our Values




  • We understand that HVAC is essential in the comfort of your home. There is no one-size or one-price-fits-all diagnosis. 

  • As a family-owned business, we strive to treat each home as if it were our own. We work to understand your and your family's specific needs so you feel informed and cared for long after installation.

  • HVAC technology is always growing and changing. We are committed to staying updated on the latest innovations so we have the best insight and the sharpest tools at our disposal. 

  • Though we’re experts in the field, we won’t hesitate to share and provide all the resources you need to make the best, most affordable choices for your home and family.

  • A passion for our craft drives everything we do. We know that every project has an aesthetic impact on the home and that every detail matters. 

  • The HVAC industry is ever-changing, and we pride ourselves in staying up to date with the latest technology and the best solutions to fit your needs.

An HVAC technician adjusting a dial on a heating system with a clipboard in the other hand.

Looking for a warm, welcoming team? Join us at Six Rivers Mechanical! We're all about friendly faces and top-notch HVAC expertise. If you're keen to help and learn, we'd love to meet you.

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